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Welcome to Office Search Online

Office Search Online is designed with ease of use in mind- it is the most comprehensive website of its kind. Search for thousands of listing types in every state and metro area in the United States. Check back often for updated listings of commercial real estate, commercial properties for lease, offices for rent, medical offices for lease, retail spaces for rent, warehouse space, and much more. was made to accommodate both the major leasing companies and the smaller operations. Our clients range from major property investors to property managers.

Whoever has a need to advertise commercial real estate for lease is welcome to post on the site.

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This site is not just exclusively tailored to the needs of the poster, is also very user friendly for searchers. Our browsing process is as simple as it can get!

To find your perfect commercial rental follow these easy steps…
Select the Search tab
Select your state from the drop down menu

Select your city from the drop down menu- if your city is not listed, simply type it into the empty box to see your results.
After those three easy steps, your search results will appear, and you can see a thumbnail photo, short description, and exact location of the rental before you select to see the full results.

Mobile User Friendly caters to a group of people who are usually on the go. Our typical client is someone who needs to list a property or properties and move on to the next task at hand. That goes the same for the people browsing properties on the site- they are usually scouting locations to open a business of some type and don’t have the time to sit down and dedicate all of their day to searching ads. This is why we made sure to make our site compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All of the different sections, drop down menus, listings, and photos are 100% viewable from your cell phone and tablet.

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Welcome to Office Search Online, here you will find a comprehensive database of office space for rent, available commercial real estate, and more- whatever your need for commercial properties available for lease may be, you will find it here. is a public domain that serves anyone who needs to list or find a commercial office for rent, or a commercial building for lease. What this means is, anyone can post an ad or view commercial listings. Many other sites require users to post through a commercial account and are exclusive to business owners and companies. This site is a favorite of individual investors and commercial property managers who need a better way to advertise.

Another user friendly feature of Office Search Online is, the site is your point of contact- meaning, you won’t have to fill out an inquiry form only to have to wait on an outsourced company to call you and try to sell you on unneeded services (this is commonly the case!). This site is entirely automated and you do not need a third party to post commercial real estate ads for you.

Getting Started with Your Office for Lease Ads

Listing your commercial property for lease or office for rent is an absolute breeze. Click here to register your account and you will be ready to place your ad. Follow the icon for ‘Place an Ad’, fill out the secure information needed to post, and that’s it- your commercial property ad is ready to go live.

List Any of These Types of Commercial Properties for Lease:

  • Office Space for Rent
  • Medical Office Space
  • Executive Suites for Rent
  • Retail Space for Rent
  • Industrial Complexes for Rent
  • Warehouses for Rent
  • Office Lofts for Rent
  • Office Condos for Rent
  • Coops for Rent
  • Retail Offices for Rent
  • Regional Malls for Rent
  • Outlet Malls for Rent
  • Strip Malls for Rent
  • Power Centers for Rent
  • Community Centers for Rent
  • Specialty Real Estate for Rent
  • Freestanding Structures for Rent
  • Manufacturing Centers for Rent
  • Truck Terminals for Rent

All Ads are Viewable by the Public

This site is not limited to people who pay for accounts- potential tenants can search your commercial property ads at no charge. Unlike many other sites, browsers do not have to register for an account to see the commercial real estate listings. Office Search Online was intentionally created this way so that the ads get the highest amount of online traffic possible, and so people looking for commercial real estate properties for rent can do so without being inconvenienced. The site isn’t going to chase off prospective renters by asking them to stop searching and make an account, so they can get straight to viewing your office rental ads and commercial property listings.

Ads for Offices and Commercial Listings

All of the commercial ads and office space listings are showed in the results of the user’s search, regardless of the package you choose. Placed ads contain pictures, maps of the location, satellite photos, a fully detailed description of each property, and basic contact information. After the site users find the commercial property ad that best matches their needs, they can contact the poster through the site by clicking ‘Reply to Ad’ or contact the poster through the provided information listed.
It’s simple, easy to do, and saves both posters and searchers a tremendous amount of frustration and time.
For more information on the different ad packages and pricing, click here.

We are free to use by potential tenants searching for commercial property to rent. There are no limits to the number of searches that can be preformed and you will never be asked to register, unless you are placing an ad. All ads are displayed in the search results regardless of the ad package chosen. The ads contain photos, maps, satellite images, full detailed description of the property, and a contact information section. Once you find an ad that you are interested in, simply click on the Reply to Ad link or call the person or company listed in the ad.

If you would like to have someone assist you in finding a the perfect property, you can have one of our commercial real estate professionals assist you by clicking here and filling out your property requirements.



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